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It is planned to develop a new “Zaporozhets” and an SUV in the style of GAZ-69
23.04.2021 [23:35],
Dmitry Prikhodko

Engineers of the Agricultural Vehicles Laboratory of the Russian Agrarian University named after. TO.BUT. Timiryazev, with the assistance of specialists from the Research Institute of Automobile Designs and the Central Research Institute of the Automotive and Automotive Institute NAMI, will begin work on the creation of inexpensive small-displacement domestic vehicles, one of which will become a modern interpretation of the legendary “humpbacked” Zaporozhets.

In total, it is planned to develop two cars at once on the platform of the new Russian state employee – a compact crossover for operation in urban conditions, as well as a modification designed for off-road travel. If the first, as noted above, will become the reincarnation and modern adaptation of the small car “Zaporozhets”, then the second will be the “reissue” of the Soviet passenger car GAZ-69. True, despite the fact that the manufacturer focuses attention and positions his brainchild as a means of transportation in conditions of poor road surface or its complete absence, both cars will not receive a frame body structure.

The announced models at this stage are called “Leader” and are in a state of approximately 35% readiness. It is worth clarifying that the urban crossover “Leader” will stylistically resemble the “Zaporozhets” car, taking into account, of course, current design trends and borrowing characteristic visual solutions from the “humpbacked”.

City crossover “Leader”. Visualization of Alexander Moskvinov / RSAU-Moscow Agricultural Academy

ZAZ 965 1962 model year

“It will be linked with Zaporozhets by some external, reminiscent of this iconic car, forms,” said professor Tengizi Dzotsenidze, the head of Timiryazev University, during an interview with Izvestia journalist.

But the comparison of “Vozhak” and the Soviet GAZ-69 is based mainly on a similar ideological concept, and not on identity in the features of the exterior. Therefore, according to the authors of the project, the relationship between the “Leader” SUV and the Soviet “Kozlik” (this is how GAZ-69 was jokingly called by motorists) will be predominantly in spirit, and not externally.

SUV “Leader”. Visualization of Alexander Moskvinov / RSAU-Moscow Agricultural Academy

GAZ-69 “Kozlik”

As for the power units, the developers plan to equip the “Vozhak” with a 65-liter turbodiesel engine. from. paired with either a manual or automatic transmission at the buyer’s discretion. Alas, but a seemingly good initiative to install a diesel engine in Russian small cars, whose efficiency is higher than gasoline, and fuel consumption is lower, has a number of obstacles to successful implementation. First of all, there is no plant in Russia that would manufacture such power units. This means that the developers will have to purchase a turbodiesel for “Vozhak” or from foreign partners, or, as an option, establish their own production in the territory of the Russian Federation.

According to Mr. Dzotsenidze, already in the basic configuration, cars will receive hydraulic / electric power steering, ABS system, front airbags for the driver and front passenger. Due to the use of ultra-light and durable polymer body panels in the construction, the curb weight of the “Leader” should not exceed 750 kg, and the overall parameters will be 3500 × 1700 × 1700 mm with a wheelbase of 2660 mm. Taking into account the all-terrain orientation of the car, the creators of the front-wheel drive “Leader” will provide the ability to connect the rear axle by simply pressing a button located in the cabin.

The developers expect that upon completion of the work, they will be able to bring to the market a really interesting domestic car, which will become a “workhorse” not only for villagers, but also due to its mobility and minimal maintenance costs will appeal to motorists in large cities. The estimated cost of the “Leader” will be 290 thousand. rubles. Thus, the crossover “Vozhak-Zaporozhets” will become a more affordable alternative to Lada Kalina, and the off-road “Vozhak-GAZ” will compete with UAZ cars popular in rural areas.

However, due to the unstable economic situation in the country, preliminary orders for small cars from firms and organizations expressing interest in them have not been received.

In the meantime, the “Vozhak” project is at the stage of development work, the management of the “AvtoVAZ” concern announced the assembly of the first pilot version of the Russian crossover Lada XRay, the sea trials of which will begin in the near future. The start of serial production of the XRay model is scheduled for December 15 of this year.

Initially it was mentioned that the cost of the basic configuration of the Lada XRay should be within 430 thousand. rubles, but, unfortunately, AvtoVAZ was forced to increase the price. According to a recent statement by the general director of the Togliatti auto concern, the Russian crossover will cost the buyer about 500-600 thousand. rubles.

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