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Free download windows 10 games


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Free download windows 10 games.Download Games For Free For Windows 10 – Best Software & Apps

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Download Games For Free For Windows 10 – Best Software & Apps
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“Capitalism Has Never Been So Fun”: Press Praises Moonlighter – A Mix Of RPG And Merchant Simulator
29.05.20221 [18:50],
Yulia Pozdnyakova

On PC (Steam, GOG), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the action RPG Moonlighter from Digital Sun was released, published by 11 bit Studios (creator of This War of Mine and Frostpunk). Most critics loved the game, dubbed “the new Stardew Valley” and the groundbreaking “Zelda / Animal Crossing hybrid”. Many admitted that it is almost impossible to tear yourself away from her. The PS4 version of the game has a Metacritic rating of 85 (13 reviews), and the PC version of 77 (4 reviews).

In Moonlighter, players control the merchant Will, who secretly dreams of becoming a hero. During the day, he does business in his shop in the village of Rynoka, founded next to portals to other dimensions, and at night he goes in search of adventure and treasure. A wide variety of activities await players: managing the store, talking with NPCs, exploring procedurally generated dungeons, battles, finding resources, weapons, armor and artifacts, helping to rebuild the village and creating items.

“Moonlighter is a great game with a delightful split gameplay that you just can’t stop yourself from,” wrote Wccftech employee Rosh Kelly. “This is the most inventive and innovative approach to the dungeon crawler genre imaginable.”. Kelly called the game “a complete deconstruction of the dungeon crawler”, “a set of incredibly addicting mini-games” and “the perfect store owner simulator.”. He admired the visual solution, “simple yet exciting battles” and “unusual and varied enemies.”. Among the minuses, he noted small flaws in graphics and tedious re-reading of the same entries in the diary.

Stevivor reviewer Shane Wall described the game as “a tricky but honest hybrid of Zelda and Animal Crossing”, praised the authors for its randomized dungeon generation system and “amazingly addicting reoccurring gameplay loop.”. In the column “shortcomings”, he jokingly wrote that the game is not endless. In addition, he noted that the Moonlighter would be perfect for the Nintendo Switch – it will be released later on the hybrid console (exact date unknown).

“Capitalism hasn’t been so fun yet,” TheSixthAxis employee Jason Coles said ironically. He was delighted not only from the gameplay, but also from the graphics: the pixel art style, in his opinion, is sustained at a decent level, and there are so many small details that it is impossible to play without being distracted by them. Music here is an independent character: it consists of several layers, each of which is associated with what is happening on the screen (for example, when talking with different characters, different melodies sound). At the same time, he did not like the fact that after the first dungeon the difficulty level drops noticeably.

In her review of GamesRadar +, Sam Loveridge described Moonlighter as a blend of “the best elements of Stardew Valley, Dark Souls and The Binding of Isaac.”. She spent about 40 hours in the game and was still quite far from the final. At the same time, the journalist found only one drawback: sometimes the gameplay becomes monotonous. Malindy Hetfeld, in a review for Eurogamer, said about the successful combination of “Zelda-style dungeons and the mechanisms of the market economy”.

PlayStation LifeStyle employee Bradley Russell noticed that the game lacks secondary content, with almost no plot, and quite a lot of bugs. According to Video Chums reviewer Alex Legard, Moonlighter “has a lot to offer for casual gamers, perfectionists, and even fans of high-speed playthroughs.”. At the same time, Legard complained that the dungeons are too similar, despite the procedural generation, the subtleties of store management are not explained to the player, and the gameplay as a whole lacks variety.

“Moonlighter is nothing completely new, but it gives the impression of complete uniqueness,” – said Hayes Madsen, author of the Twinfinite review. However, the journalist was not very happy with the combat system, which he called too unoriginal. Destructoid editor Patrick Hancock has complained about the overall lack of responsiveness of the game, especially when it comes to managing inventory items. In his opinion, at first glance, it seems interesting, but in fact, the player will face “continuous frustration”.

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  • Eurogamer – Recommened;
  • Wccftech – 9.2 / 10;
  • Stevivor – 9/10;
  • RPG Site – 9/10;
  • PlayStation LifeStyle – 9/10;
  • GamesRadar + – 9/10;
  • Vandal – 9/10;
  • PlayStation Universe 8.5 / 10;
  • Twinfinite – 8/10;
  • Push Square – 8/10;
  • TheSixthAxis – 8/10;
  • IGN Spain – 8/10;
  • Meristation – 8/10;
  • Video Chums – 7.9 / 10;
  • SpazioGames – 7.5 / 10;
  • Destructoid – 6.5 / 10.

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