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Free download windows 10 64 bit with activation key.Windows 10 Activation Key Free Download – Install Windows 10 – Updated

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Windows 10 Pro Product Key Free 64 Bit
Opera 12 Final: with webcam support but hardware acceleration disabled
fourteen.06.2021 [12:45],
Sergey and Marina Bondarenko

It took the Opera Software developers about a year to bring the first test build of Opera 12 Wahoo to the final release. Finally, the final version of the Norwegian browser is out today.

The innovations are unlikely to surprise those who followed the development of the program and downloaded the beta versions, but for a wide range of users who are used to focusing on final releases, they will certainly be of interest. So what’s new?

First, the new Opera supports themes, so you can change the look of the browser to suit your mood. Themes are available on a dedicated website.

The new version of the browser also traditionally improves the functions related to security. Namely: a visual icon has been added to the address bar showing whether the connection is secure, whether the site is trusted, etc. You can also see if the site uses location information and if it has access to the webcam.

Opera 12 is also now more stable due to the fact that each plugin is launched as a separate process. According to statistics, plugins are the cause of browser crashes in 30% of cases, so now you can expect the program to work one third more stable.

Another improvement is support for a webcam in web applications (for this, the user must give permission to the site to access it).

Finally, it is reported to support five new interface languages, including Hebrew and Kazakh. The total number of supported languages ​​has reached sixty. The important thing is that Opera has support for languages ​​in which they write from right to left.

Contrary to expectations, hardware acceleration never appeared in Opera 12. More precisely, it is there, but it is not enabled by default – it must be enabled manually using two flags in the settings. The developers explain their decision by the fact that in some cases, with hardware acceleration, pages load slower than with the optimized Vega software engine. Recall that the creators of Opera 12 are working on using hardware acceleration to render not only web pages, but also the browser interface, moreover, for all platforms, in particular, Windows XP, Linux and OS X Lion.

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