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May 03,  · File Association Fixer can repair broken file associations in Windows, letting you open certain types of files that don’t seem to work in Windows. Broken file associations, are typically caused due to a corrupted Registry. Again the reason for a Operating System: Win10 / Win7 / Win8. Download File Association Fixer – Easily repair file associations on your computer when the Windows Registry has been corrupted by third-party software or by malware. Download File Association Fixer Tool – Quickly repair file association issues in Windows 10 ,.exe,.msu,.iso,.reg,.zip,.txt,.vbs,.vhd and other types.


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Feb 10,  · To fix the association for a particular file type simply click on the file type association icon or name. You may have to reboot. The simple decent look of this application will help you to fix Subcategory: Maintenance & Optimization. Apr 23,  · File Association Fixer is a tool which can help repair file associations in Windows, usually caused by registry errors. This freeware offers file association fixes for some of the most common file types. The app offers 18 file association fixes for Windows 7 & 26 file association fixes for Windows Vista. Download File Association Fixer Tool – Quickly repair file association issues in Windows 10 ,.exe,.msu,.iso,.reg,.zip,.txt,.vbs,.vhd and other types.
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Samsung will spend a record amount on research and development this year
17.eleven.2021 [11:41],
Alexey Razin

Research and development requires long-term investment and execution discipline, so in the case of Samsung Electronics, the pandemic did not have a significant impact on the scientific activities of the Korean giant. From January to September, the company spent a record $ 14.4 billion, surpassing the same period last year by $ 542 million.

Image source: Pulse

This was reported by the Korean edition of Pulse with reference to the data of the quarterly report of Samsung Electronics. Last year, the company spent $ 18.25 billion on research and development. This year, before exceeding last year’s result, she has less than $ 4 billion to spend. Samsung has filed 4,974 patent applications in South Korea and 6,321 patent applications in the United States in the first nine months of this year. It holds 194,643 patent applications worldwide, of which 75,472 are registered in the United States.

Samsung has invested 52% more in expanding production capacity in the first nine months of this year than in the same period last year – $ 23 billion. By the end of the year, this amount should grow to $ 31.8 billion. The bulk of the funds will be used to upgrade the equipment used in the production of memory chips, as well as to increase the production of chips and displays.

Compared to the end of last year, the number of Samsung Electronics employees in South Korea has grown by 3,700 to 108,998. For the first time, this figure exceeded the bar of 100 thousand employees in the first quarter of 20221, since then it has not dropped below this level. The average annual income of an employee of Samsung Electronics grew from $ 39 to $ 65 thousand.

After the introduction of sanctions against Huawei Technologies, this Chinese company left the five largest Samsung customers, now it has three American companies at once: Apple, Best Buy and Verizon. Samsung’s five largest customers also include Deutsche Telekom and Hong Kong Techtronic Industries. Huawei’s failures have allowed Samsung to increase its smartphone market share from 16.4% to 17.2%.

In the segment of displays for smartphones, Samsung’s positions fell from 43.6% to 39.6% over the year. The company intends to counter this trend by increasing the share of OLED panels in its product range. This year, the share of OLED panels will reach 31% in terms of supplies for the needs of smartphone manufacturers.

Samsung’s share of the RAM market shrank from 43.8% to 43.3% YoY. Warehouse surplus in the server segment has led to lower prices for DRAM chips. Last year, Samsung took over 30% of the TV market for the first time, and in the third quarter its share fell from 32.4% to 31.9%.

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