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Microsoft Windows 10 Operating System Software for Sale – eBay
Elon Musk promised that the first man will set foot on Mars in 2026. And if you’re lucky, even in 2024
02.12.2021 [11:04],
Gennady Detinich

Yesterday, during the Axel Springer Prize, which is awarded to the authors of the ideas that caused a public resonance, the head of the SpaceX company Elon Musk said that the first man will set foot on the surface of Mars in six years. And if everything goes well, then this event can happen two more years earlier – in 2024.

SpaceX Starship enters the atmosphere of Mars. Image source: SpaceX

“I’m sure six years from now,” Musk said when asked about the timing of the first landing on Mars. It should be said that the head of SpaceX generally adheres to the original version, announced four years ago. Then he promised to deliver people to Mars in 2025. Under favorable circumstances, a manned flight to Mars can happen even earlier – in 2024.

What Musk has yet to cope with is the implementation of the Starship unmanned flight to the Red Planet. Previously, such a mission was announced for execution in 20221. In the meantime, the prototype of the company’s interplanetary spacecraft is preparing for the first jump of 18 km in the Earth’s atmosphere, and we are not talking about a flight to Mars at all. But Elon Musk also paid attention to this issue. He said that in unmanned mode, the ship to Mars will go in two years, although two months ago he also announced the first unmanned mission to Mars in 2024.

We hope that yesterday’s announcement by Starship rocket engine developer Tom Mueller about leaving SpaceX will not affect Musk’s plans to create a heavy interplanetary rocket. Let’s hope that the development of the Raptor engines is successfully completed and nothing threatens Elon Musk’s Mars colonization project.

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